I give coaching to children (2 – 18 years) who are raised with the Dutch language and who experience difficulties in speech and/or language development and reading and/or spelling development.
After contacting me, an intake interview (30 – 45 minutes) will take place with the parents/caretakers in which the request for help is centralized and important information is collected about the problems and the general development of the child. Based on the request for help and the information obtained, a research plan is proposed. The duration of the examinations may differ per child and depends on the severity of the difficulties and the age of the child. With the obtained research results, a coaching plan with goals will be formulated in consultation with the parents/caretakers, after which the coaching can take place. The coaching plan also includes the frequency of the coaching sessions. After a period of coaching, progress will be evaluated.
The average duration of a coaching session is 45 minutes and can take place once or more times a week, depending on the request for help and the problems. The duration of a coaching session can vary per child and strongly depends on various factors, such as age, problems and attention span. The duration of the coaching session is determined in consultation with the parents/caretakers.
The duration of a coaching process depends on the seriousness of the problems experienced and the possibilities and motivation to work on the difficulties during the coaching sessions and during free time at home. An average process takes six months to one and a half years.
This opportunity is there. You may have doubts and concerns about your child’s Dutch speech and language development because your child is growing up in a foreign language environment. Through various standardized tests, I compare the speech and language development level of your child with the average development level of Dutch-speaking children of the same age. To clear your doubts and concerns, an examination can take place at any time. Based on the research results, it will be decided in consultation with parents/carers whether the coaching will take place.
If you live in Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) or in the vicinity of Tricity, it is possible to have the intake, examination and coaching take place on location, for example at your home, in a safe and familiar environment of your child(ren) or – with permission – at the (international) day-care center or school. If you live further away, there is the option of online coaching through the video conferencing tool ‘Zoom’ (for children from the age of six). Together we look for the best options.
The coaching is often partly reimbursed from the basic package of every health insurer. However, the amount of the compensation may differ per policy and insurer. I advise you to check with your insurer which reimbursement applies to you. I work according to the guidelines and standards of the NVLF (Dutch Association for Speech Therapy and Phoniatrics) and the NZa Paramedical Care Regulations. I have chosen not to sign contracts with health insurers. The most compelling reason for this is that I find it important to devote all my time and attention to the child in the sessions instead of having to shorten the time for administrative protocols that do not benefit the child. The child deserves my undivided attention. The administration only takes place outside the sessions.
The costs of the coaching depend on the duration and intensity of the coaching. A research and coaching plan are tailor-made because every child is unique and the wishes and needs related to the coaching can often differ. For more information, please contact me.
The coaching sessions take place on all working days (Monday to Friday) from 9 am to 5 pm. In addition, I offer the option of coaching sessions in the evenings (on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.). Together with the parents/caretakers I search for the moment for the coaching that best fits into the busy weekly schedule of school and after school activities.

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